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Effective Handling of Reefer Containers

Dear All,

ICS(UK) Sri Lanka together with The Supply Chain Partner Network (pvt) Ltd are set to change the way how a gap in knowledge is filled. We are committed to enhance the standards of the industry by introducing our ‘3 Steps method’ where a trainee will engage with us three times;

Step 1 = Participants current knowledge is assessed online

Step 2 = Participants are trained online by industry experts while addressing knowledge gaps

Step 3 = Participants post training knowledge is tested online & certified

Having researched general knowledge gaps, we have planned a series of online trainings using the above effective method; we have picked “Effective Handling of Reefer Containers” as the first one to be held on 31st March. This training will help participants to get the technical & theoretical knowledge on reefer cargo handling and containers as well as the different perspectives in terms customers and reefer operators. The innovative method we are using to conduct this workshop includes

• A learning management system to assess your knowledge before the workshop via online Questionnaire. We will open the system for this activity from 28 th March 12 00 noon to 30 th March

12 00noon

The results of the same will be the base for the lecturers to understand the knowledge gaps of the participants in order to deliver an effective session.

• Online workshop will conduct on 31 st March from 2.30 pm to 4.30pm

• After the online session, there will be a simple but thorough post workshop online test in the form of MCQ questions which participants can complete in multiple attempts. We will open the system for this activity from 31 st March 6.00pm to 5th April 6.00pm this will enable participants to recall the learning’s and obtain the digital certificate.

We believe this will successfully help to upgrade your knowledge to the required level to successfully handle a reefer shipment.

Executive Committee